Welcome to TWACA or touring with Adventure Cycling Association

This web site uses WordPress and  several WordPress Plugin Registry plugins designed and developed for bicycle touring planning journal writing using Adventure Cycling’s maps and resources.

The first tour to use this site will be a 2016 Trans American Trail ride starting in Astoria Oregon and ending in Pueblo Colorado. When completed will close out the route started in 2013 that went from Yorktown Virginia to Pueblo Colorado via the Katy Trail.

On this site is a page with a public use map editor, see the plugin website for information on using it.

The WordPress Plugin Registry plugins used to support planning and journal writing are

  • IBS Mappro is used to define the route, places to stay, and points of interest. Used also to provide a map tracking by email posts. The posts are added to the blog but also can position a named marker and update a message. The map editor targeted the Adventure Cycling’s digital data for outlining the route. However the route is over written with a new route following the roads and broken down by each day’s travel.
  • IBS Calendar is used to show the plan and note special occasions that may coincide with the tour. The calendar also shows the Google Holiday calendar.
  • IBS Events is used to create events that are posted and show in the IBS Calendar view.
  • Postie is used to handle email postings can include image attachments.  The emails may also include tracking information.
  • Weaver II Pro and its associated plugin this is the site’s theme which is customized. The goal was to have a clean and simple presentation that was mobile adaptable and responsive to various devices. Its plugin is used to present posts in a chronological ascending order rather than descending order in blog postings. Overall it is a very flexible theme and plugin.

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