Delicate Arch

Morning hike goal Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. I found it fairly strenuous 3 mile hike up and back as I had not walked that kind of terrain or distance for two to three years due to foot problems. It was worth the effort. Most interesting was the Asian lady with a silk dress, slippers and parasol nonchalantly viewing the arch with nary a drop of sweat showing.


Da Brim

In Paradise in Sunday best.


Note this post was made via my IBS-Mail plugin from an email sharing the photo taken and sent my Droid Maxx smartphone

Dreamy Draw

Today rode over Dreamy Draw,

  1. down 19th Street to Campbell,
  2. on to Orange Cafe at Campbell and 40th,
  3. Lafayette to 66th,

and finally on home for a 29 mile ride.

[ibs-map width=600px height=600px title=”Dreamy Draw Ride” url=””]

Getting ready for Utah 2014

Added another bicycle tour, Utah 2014, where I’ll be providing support rather than riding. (see Utah 2014)

It looks like it will be mostly a camping trip, for me, as there are campgrounds except for the Hanksville stop.

It also looks like there are plenty of restaurants and cafes as not to worry about getting meals. Maybe a couple of exceptions.


Smartphone Lessons

The Droid Razr Maxx become an integral part of the ride.

Every morning using the AccuWeather app I would look at the the days wind conditions and directions. I used that information to set the days goals and in some cases the actual route. For example in Harrisburg Illinois I awoke to find a very strong south wind. My initial intent was to follow the ACA route west to Chester Illinois and then cut north to St. Louis. Instead I went to Carbondale and struck north towards Belleville via IL 13. That ended up being my high mileage day of 86 miles and also the easiest day on great roads.

Also used the AccuWeather app once on the Katy trail to watch a storm cell move through and know when the heavy rain was over. A group waiting with me at the store took off during a brief lull while I stayed put knowing more was coming. They had some very wet riding while I stayed dry.

The Map app was used to find motels, restaurants, Walmarts, and such resources in towns. That proved to be a very useful tool. Especially in conjunction with the Local app. But there were some downsides to that too. Often the information was dated. It would show motels that were closed years ago. Or it didn’t show newer motels. So you couldn’t really totally rely on the data it presented.

Each day the next day’s area map was downloaded for offline use. This was mainly used to give some context as to where I was in relation to the end point for the day.

Also I used the Map app and the terrain layer to see what the route was going to be and set in my mind the number of climbs coming up. Out of Sebree Kentucky it is easy to see the alternate route of KY 56 and IL 13 to Carbondale is not only shorter, it is also much flatter then the ACA route.

I had a number of other apps that proved to be less useful.

Cue Sheet uses Ride With GPS routes to download the Cue Sheets and using the device’s GPS give voice navigation. I used it once from Newport News to Yorktown and it worked great. But I really didn’t need it. The one thing with the app is you must validate the RWGPS cue sheet before blindly using it. There is an art to drawing RWGPS routes so you don’t end up with false turns and subsequent U turns.

All Stays Camp and Tent this app seemed to be quite comprehensive but yet I found it incomplete in many cases. Once I routed to a campground only to find it a “club campground” requiring membership and central reservations. That left me hanging pretty high and dry that day.

CoPilot Live this app is quite nice and has offline maps and bicycle routing. I used when I wanted to see a route from where I was to some point as the Map app was harder to control avoiding highways. However it was not as useful as it could have been if it would let you set your start point somewhere else then where you are.

Text Messaging is not just a smartphone feature and actually predates them. However I found this to be a really great communication feature and in many cases much preferred to a phone call because it is convenient to use for both parties.

Adventure Cycling and the Smartphone

The ACA maps are great resources if you are following their route. It would be nice to have a smartphone app that would give you up to date resource information that you could use to call and locate the resources from the phone.


End of the Trail


I feel like that warrior in the sculpture End of the Trail. Fought the good battle but lost the war.

The last day’s climb set me back on my heels to let me know that I’ll never be a bike climber and that what you do in life has consequences.

Once in Guffey I could hardly walk a block and have to stop and catch my byreath. I had told Bill of the Guffey Garage Gang that I might need a lift out if I wasn’t doing better the next day.

Then I do something stupid and fall hitting my head pretty hard. And having Bill patch me up. The head strike was a good solid blow and I had no idea what the internal damage might be. I decided that if there was a chance of serious injury I didn’t want to be in Guffey.

So I walked back up to the Garage and asked Bill if he knew of someone that could haul me to Canon City. He called Holly and without any hesitation on her part said she said she would do it.

Holly is an angel and drove me and my gear to Canon City. She wanted to take me to the emergency room and sit with me. I have a thing about emergency rooms and would rather make sure there is a real emergency first.

After a few hours I do have a large welt but no other negative signs. Morning should make things clearer I hope.

If I feel okay I’ll rent a car and drive home.

How I fell.

I had put my helmet in a rear pannier as I moving everything a block or so and just packed up eveything quick like. When I swung my leg to mount the bike I got hung up on that rear pannier and fell.


Day 44 Royal Gorge to Guffey 23 miles

Tough day as I had to walk up the big wall as the lack of oxygen is a real killer for me. 15 miles in I was resting on a rock in the shade when Bill from the Guffey Garage asked if I wanted a ride. At that point there was no other answer but “yes” and we loaded up his Camino with my bike and gear. If you don’t know who Bill is just do a journal seach on CrazyGuyOnABike and you will be enlightened. Arrived at the Garage and Bill gave me a cold one which really hit the spot at that point.

Everyone else was  way ahead of me so if not for the ride I would probably still be on the road. I am really hurting because I am not a great climber and the thin air is killing me. Hope tomorrow is a better day from that aspect.

Ate at Rita’s, another iconic place on the TransAm. We rented the Assay Office for tonight.

No cell service and doing the post at the nice Guffey Library.

Update about this segment. Theses images were cut from a RideWithGPS routing from Pueblo to Guffey. First there is almost a 4 thousand foot elevation gain over the course of two days. One possible mistake was taking a rest day in Pueblo or not taking a day off at the Royal Gorge to acclimatize at a higher elevation.

Second is the climb to Guffey has one wall that hits 10% for some distance. Too much for me to sustain on a bike climbing.

Mind you Mike at 78 of the 3 BOB’s pulled this entire segment off in one day and continues on. Pueblo-Guffey-2Pueblo-Guffey

Day 43 Pueblo to Royal Gorge 47 miles

Rode US 50 all the way. Heavy traffic and not scenic at all to Canon City. Heavy climb out of Canon City for about nine miles.

In cabin at Royal View RV campground. No Verizion service and no place to eat or buy much food. Looks like I better get use to peanut butter and bagels for the next few meals.

It was warm most of the day but no significant wind. Tomorrow it is on up to Guffey  for 23 miles. Farther depending on how I survive the climb to Guffey.

Was able to see the mountain ranges. Still have snow on most peaks. Pikes Peak to the north of us most of the day.